TriYoga is the meditative trinity of posture, breath and mind. Prana-inspired and systematically introduced, TriYoga unites pranayama and mudra with dynamic and sustained asanas. The TriYoga Flow has the inherent qualities of rhythmic pacing, relaxation-in-action, wavelike spinal movements and economy of motion.
Class Description 
TriYoga is systematized by level, progressing from basic to advanced. The series are  therapeutic and balancing to the body and mind. Maintaining the proper sequencing will provide the maximum benefits of the practice.

Basics: Recommended for those new to TriYoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments. It is the foundation for all classes and is also a complete practice in itself. It includes five primary series and 108 postures. Bolsters, pillows and other props are used to ensure alignment and relaxation.

Levels 1 to 3: Each level includes five series that gradually introduce all the postures of that level. Level 1 is Earth, Level 2 is Water, Level 3 is Fire. One progresses to the next level based on knowledge of YogaFlow.

Free the Hips: 
This class focuses on hips to toes to create greater health and vitality in the pelvic region, hips, legs, feet and toes.

Free the Spine: This class emphasizes wavelike spinal movements that increase strength, flexibility, and energy in the spine as well as the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands.

When the movement of asana, breath and mudra harmonize, the  inner flow of prana is experienced. Continued practice makes the body~mind a fit instrument for meditation and for life. 

Our bodies love flowing movement and respond in "kind" when we practice this way.