If yoga with Mark wasn’t fun to do, I wouldn’t keep doing it!”    -Nicki Riddell
Yoga can be ...  invigorating, energizing, aerobic, calming, difficult, easy, relaxing, releasing, cleansing, strengthening and rewarding; but most of all, it is fun!

If I can laugh at myself, it’s easier to accept that I’m not the perfect Yogini. If yoga wasn’t fun to do, I wouldn’t keep doing it! It’s the first form of fitness that I actually look forward to doing!

I enjoy the challenge of learning new poses or more difficult steps to the old ones I know. ... it’s very rewarding to be able to go to my personal farthest extension.

The breathing practices and relaxation help me get centered and balanced- like an oasis in the midst of my bustling life! How refreshing!

Yoga has made me strong and given me more energy. I can really tell the difference if I miss my practice in the morning before I go to work. ... when I have to miss a class - it’s like I’m missing a meal or a night’s sleep!  Can’t wait for the next class.


Carrie, I love the tuesday group - every tuesday when I walk into that room I just feel so welcome and so glad to be there! Truly!”    -May

I so enjoy all the women in that group, it's such a diverse group, Sam's not so bad either!  I can hardly believe that it will be 2 yrs in June that i have been coming to this group - it's been such a big plus for my quest to improve my overall well-being . . .

I hope you enjoy your time away in Maine . . . maybe we can talk - when you return - on whether your new skills might help my shoulders???  time for another private session, i think . . .   I hope you have an understanding of the richness you bring to our lives!!!

I can’t imagine my life without yoga ...”    -Kelli Swingly RN
Before my very first class was over... I knew that yoga would always be a part of my life.
Yoga has taught me to live in the present, in each moment and to be content just by simply being. Yoga slows down my thoughts and quiets my mind.

Through Mark Sandler’s teaching I have learned to listen to my body and how to breath again, releasing tension.

Yoga is so basic, so fundamental to good physical and mental health. I encourage everyone to try it. I can’t imagine my life without yoga ... if more people practiced yoga, the world would be a more peaceful place to be!